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The engagement analytics give you insight into how customers are interacting with your Simplebooklet microsite. You'll be able to measure where they clicked and how your calls to action have been used by your customer.

Menu Engagement

What microsite navigation buttons customers are clicking. You can see of the menus you've added to your microsite are getting the most activity from your customers.

The navigation menu buttons will appear differently depending on the set up of your microsite layout.  

About - Number of times a customer opened your about information slideout to learn more about you.

Buy - How many times a customer clicked on your custom button.

Contact Us - How many times a customer clicked on your contact us slideout. The items clicked in the contact us menu are tracked separately in analytics in a lower section.

Download - How many times customers have downloaded a copy of your Simplebooklet.

Gallery - How many times your Collection of additional Simplebooklets has been viewed by customers.

Home - how many times customers have returned to your cover page from within your booklet.

Logo - How many times customers have clicked on your logo to go to your website.

Privacy - How many times customers have accessed your privacy statement for your microsite.

Search - How many times customers have searched for specific content within your Simplebooklet pages.

Share - How many times customers have opened the slide out menu to share your Simplebooklet on their social networks.

Terms of Service - How many times customers read your terms of service.

Fullscreen - How many times customers opened your Simplebooklet microsite as a fullscreen presentation.

Contact Us Engagement

This tracks the ways that customers, once they have opened you Contact US slide out, what calls to action they used to contact you.  

Share Menu Engagement

This tracks the ways that customers, once they open your share slide out, where they shared your Simplebooklet. If they used the Simplebooklet to send an email, a copy of that email will be submitted to your Lead Gate and Email tracking.

Call To Action Engagement

If you added any buttons from the EDIT tab to your your pages (such as call me, email me, find me, etc..), we track whenever these are clicked.  You can see how they are being used from with your pages.


If you use the LEAD GATE tool to require customers to provide information about themselves before viewing your Simplebooklet microsite, this is where you can see what data you have captured.

Engagement Score

We total up the number of clicks and actions taken by your readers and evaluate which features you are doing. We then recommend ways you can improve your customer engagement on your microsite and through your content pages.

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