Add A Team Member To Your Business Account


By Scott.Brownlee

updated about 1 year ago

To add a new team member to your business plan, you can do so from the Team Member menu on your dashboard.

Add A Team Member

Tap the TEAM MEMBER menu in the left hand column of your business account dashboard.

Go to the NEW team member section.

(if you have any existing team accounts, they will appear here below the add fields.)

Enter the following information:

  1. Team Member Name
  2. Email Address of Team Member
  3. Temporary Password

Then tap the ADD button.

The new team account will now appear in your account. They will also receive an email letting them know how to log in and access their new account and update their password.

Setting up Team Member Default Settings Variables

Tap the TEAM MEMBER menu on your admin dashboard.

Scroll down to the team member you want to change default variables for.

Tap the icon with person and gears.

Enter in all the variable data you want to appear on any booklets in their account.

Tap Save.

These variables will now be used whenever you copy a booklet into a team member's account.

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