Copy Booklets From Your BUSINESS Account To A TEAM Account

By Scott.Brownlee

updated 9 days ago

You can duplicate any booklet into a team account.

Duplicate Booklet

To do this, go to your Business Account Dashboard and scroll down to the booklet you want to duplicate.

  1. Tap the duplicate button.
  2. Select the Team Account you want to duplicate the booklet into.  You can also choose to add the booklet to all team accounts under your business account.
  3. Tap Save.

The booklet will now appear in the team account you selected.

To view the duplicated booklet, go back to your Business account dashboard.

Select the team account from the top left corner of your dashboard.

You will load the team account into the dashboard and see the copied booklets in their account.

Rename The Copied Booklet

You can see the booklet in your team member account.

Tap the DESIGN tab.

Tap Navbars menu.

Tap the ABOUT button.

Enter in a new title and author and description (optional).

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