Customize Your App Launch Icon


By Scott.Brownlee

updated 5 months ago

Customizing Your Installable App Icon

The launch app icon is what appears on the customer's homescreen or desktop on their device. It's a small icon that the user taps to launch your Simplebooklet. You can customize it for your Simplebooklet.

By default, your installed Simplebooklet will use your custom logo you uploaded for your booklet in the DESIGN tab. If you haven't set up a custom logo, it will use a default Simplebooklet icon to represent your flipbooklet.

To add a custom icon

  1. Go to the DESIGN Tab of your Simplebooklet.
  2. Select the NAVBARS menu.
  3. Select EDIT beside the Install option.
  4. Upload a new icon following the instructions.
  5. Tap save to set this as your new icon.

You will need to follow the requirements of the icon specifications for it to display properly on devices.

Launch Icon Requirements

  • dimensions: Square (128px by 128px or bigger).
  • File size: max 500kb
  • File format: png

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