Secure Links for Paywalls and Intranet


By Scott.Brownlee

updated 6 months ago

If you have content you only want shared from behind a paywall or secure intranet, then the Secure Link is the option you want to implement. This turns your normally accessible custom booklet URL into a link that can only be accessed by a reader from a specific location (webpage) you set.  Anyone attempting to access your booklet link from another location will be denied.  This means even if someone who has access to your link, they cannot share that link with another person who hasn't also accessed the booklet from the secure link location.

Set Up A Secure Link

IMPORTANT - you need a BUSINESS plan to use secure links. 

From the PUBLISH tab, tap the Secure Link button.

Step 1

Enter in the domain name of your website where you have your simplebooklet embedded or the link that launches your simplebooklet.

Step 2

Next, add in the address for where an unauthorized person would be redirected if they attempted to access your Simplebooklet from another location other than your website.  Suggestions include your membership sign up page, your intranet login page, your members only section.  

Tap the SET button and your booklet is now secure.

Now your Simplebooklet is only accessible when someone opens it through that link location. Anyone who attempts to share it with someone else will get a secure link warning then redirected to your designated page.

Using A Secure Link

You will now notice that any attempt to click on your link will now return a secure link message with a button link to the URL you set to redirect unauthorized users. 

Your audience will only be able to access the booklet from your website. 

Even if a user tries to share the link, even if opened in a new tab, the booklet will not work as the person who receives the booklet link will not have the secure key loaded into their browser.

A user can install your booklet on their device and will not require the secure key to access the booklet in the installed version. The user cannot share the installed version with anyone.  

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