Link Hotspot


By Scott.Brownlee

updated about 1 year ago

Link hotspots are area on the page of your Simplebooklet that, when clicked trigger some action on your microsite.

To set up a Link Hotspot, go to the EDIT tab.

Select the LINKS tab

Select from the left menu what type of hyperlink you want on your Simplebooklet

The types of Link Highlights that can be created:

Website - link to an external website. It will open that website in a new tab. 

Email - Trigger an email client with your email address. 

Telephone - Trigger the phone feature of your device with your phone number. 

Next Page -  Turns the booklet to the next page. 

Previous Page - Turns the booklet to the previous page. 

First Page - Turns the booklet to the first page of your booklet. 

Last Page - Turns the booklet to the last page in your booklet. 

Choose Page - You can define the page your link sends the reader. 

Video - You can link a video to your page. 

Image - You can link an image to your page. 

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