Simplebooklet from a mobile device


By Scott.Brownlee

updated about 1 year ago

Simplebooklet does have restricted functionality on mobile. In general, viewing and sharing tools are fully available. The ability to actively edit your Simplebooklet is not on mobile and must be done on desktop.

You can upload a PDF and convert it to mobile on Simplebooklet, as well as select booklets that already exist.

When you select a booklet, the Design, Publish and Analyze tabs are still featured.


In the Design tab, the first icon is the Themes icon

From this page you can select a custom theme, or set a background to create a new theme.


This will open up the Navbar tab

Page Transitions

This will open up the Page Transitions where you can change the Icons that readers will use to navigate throughout your Simplebooklet.


The publish tab is able to be used as long as the app/website where you are posting works in mobile.


The analyse tab works fully on mobile Simplebooklet.

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