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By Scott.Brownlee

updated about 1 year ago

We've made it easy to add your Simplebooklet to your own webpage or blog page.  All you need to do is copy the embed code from the promote page and paste it into your website.  

Embedding directly from Simplebooklet

Getting Your Embed Code

Open the PUBLISH tab.


Tap the EMBED CODE menu.

You will get a popout that looks like the following:

Tap the copy button below the code. You can then paste this into your website editor tool.


You can customize how the embedded Simplebooklet works by configuring elements of the navigation bar using the toggles. 

Booklet Embed Dimensions 

By default, the Simplebooklet dimensions will be set to the current size of the booklet. However, you can set the width (height will auto size to width ratio) so that your Simplebooklet will fit within your page area.

Embed Navigation Layout 
You can choose where your navigation bar appears on your embedded Simplebooklet. Your options are:

Top Only - the navigation buttons appear along the top of the booklet.

Bottom Only - the navigation buttons appear along the bottom of the booklet.

Top and Bottom - the navigation buttons are broken up between the top and bottom of your booklet.

No Navigation Bar - Only your booklet is displayed.

Table of Contents 

You can show or hide a table of contents for your simplebooklet. You can create the table of contents in the design tab.

You can show or hide the home button which takes the reader to your cover page. 

You can show or hide the following additional support menus you added from the design tab:

terms of service

Page Numbers 
You can show or hide the page number buttons.

You can show or hide the zoom buttons for your embedded booklet.

This places a button on your nav bar that opens your booklet full screen in a new browser tab. It is opening the booklet in it's microsite page you created in design.

Page Turn Buttons 
These are the buttons that float to the side of your booklet. You can choose to hide them.

Changing any of these options will also update your booklet anywhere it is embedded.

WIX Users

We have a special plugin for WIX website authors that make it even easier to add a Simplebooklet from within the WIX platform. Here's a link to the Simplebooklet/wix plugin.

WIX Plugin

You will need to understand how your website editor supports iframe and embed code to use our code.

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