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By Scott.Brownlee

updated about 1 year ago

The DESIGN tab is where you configure your microsite page that presents your Simplebooklet.  Design is all about the presentation of the booklet, not the booklet itself. 

Think of DESIGN as the decoration around your content.  You will not be changing the content inside your pages, but you have a lot of control over what appears around the pages. It's the stage props enhancing your marketing collateral so it's presented as professionally as possible.

Think of your microsite as falling along these general areas of presentation.

  • The top navigation bar allows you move between different Simplebooklet tools.
  •        The left navigation bar are all the tools available within the Design tab. 
  • The page turn buttons which allow the customer to navigate between your pages.
  • The booklet itself and how it transitions between pages and how it appears (does it default to it's original size of scaled to fit the viewport of the microsite).


The design tab looks like this:

What you are trying to do here is make the presentation of your booklet look and feel like a professional quality website. That's why you can select from multiple layouts. These layouts will change where all the different navigation tools and buttons appear on your microsite.


Themes allow you to set an attractive background easily and quickly for your Simplebooklet. Select the one that best fits the story your microsite is telling.

Select the Icon at the top of the left-hand toolbar in DESIGN

Page Transitions

Page Transitions control how your Simplebooklet looks on your microsite and how the transition between pages looks when a reader clicks a Page Turn Button. When in Page Transitions make sure to set transitions for both Desktop AND Mobile, as setting one does nothing to the other. You can also set your Simplebooklet to automatically turn the page.

Select the icon second from the top on the left-hand toolbar.

Navigation Bars

From here, you can create change the position of the toolbar, create buttons that can link to pages, change the header and footer colour and style for your Simplebooklet, add a logo to your page, create a Table Of Contents for longer Simplebooklets to allow your readers to navigate quickly, and much more.

First, you will want to select the icon 3rd from the top on the left-hand toolbar of your Simplebooklet. 

Page Actions

From here you can change the shape, colour and style of your button, add a box, shadow, audio effect and more.

First select the icon fourth from the top on the left-hand toolbar.


From here you can set solid colors as the background for your microsite.

Select the icon fourth from the bottom.


From here, you can set a narration to play on your microsite, use this to add a personal touch to your professional brochure.

Select the icon third from the bottom.

Lead Gate

From here, you can set a a Lead Gate, so that prior to viewing your readers have to enter information (Email Address, Phone Number, Name, Business Name), passively generating leads for your business.

From here, select the icon second from the bottom on the left-hand toolbar.

Design Wizard

The wizard will walk you through what we consider are the essential elements you should configure for your microsite. It's a good way for a beginner to learn about the design platform options.

Once your microsite looks like you want, it's time to start promoting it.

To do this, select the icon at the bottom of the left-hand toolbar.

This is where you really get to stand out from the crowd and make sure your content is supported with a professional presentation.

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