Why A Simplebooklet


By Scott.Brownlee

updated about 1 year ago

It's really important to make a great first impression.  That's why you have marketing collateral in the first place. But wouldn't it be great if you could take that same brochure, newsletter, flyer, or product sheet and share it online through all the digital channels your customers use today? 

Just sharing marketing collateral as a PDF doesn't do it justice. Most times people won't open a large attachment (virus anyone?), don't want to download a 20mb file, or just find reading a PDF file tedious on their mobile device.  

What you want is to take that marketing collateral and transform it into something really impressive by displaying it on it's own microsite.  

The benefits of a microsite include:
1. Nothing to download, just open a web address and there it is, on any device.
2. Interactivity that encourages a customer to reach out and contact you about your product or service.
3. A professional and engaging presentation of the marketing collateral (not just a long vertical scroll of pages).
4. Unbelievably easy to distribute your marketing collateral across multiple digital channels.
5. Simple to update with the latest information and get it into customers hands.
6. You don't even need a website, Simplebooklet microsites come with their own custom web addresses that you can brand with your identity.
7. Impress customers by looking a lot more professional than you did before.

Here's a little video showing you what your marketing collateral could look like if you made a Simplebooklet microsite for it.

The best way to see why you'd like to have your own Simplebooklet microsite for your marketing collateral is to check out some of these examples.

Product Brochure
Guide Booklet
Look Book

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