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The microsite layouts determines where these support menus appear, but you can choose to show or hide each one. Whichever microsite layout you choose, you have the option to have the following supporting menus to be displayed around your simplebooklet.  The options are are all found in the Navbar menu.

These include:

Logo - your own company logo.
Table of Contents Menu - a hyperlink menu to specific pages in your simplebooklet.
Home - an icon button that returns the customer to your first page.
About - a popup that displays information about your business or simplebooklet.
Contact Us - a popup that gives your customer options to contact you.
Gallery - if you'd like to show a gallery of other simplebooklets to your customer.
Buy - if you'd like to link your customer to an external page where you can purchase your product or service.
Share - provide easy to click sharing of your simplebooklet to customer's social networks, email, and more.
Download - provide an option for your customer to download your simplebooklet microsite for offline viewing.
Title and Author - display the details of your simplebooklet right on the page.
Page Numbers - shows the current page and total page count of your simplebooklet.
Zoom - shows a magnify and shrink tool for your simplebooklet pages.
View Count - shows the number of times your microsite has been viewed.
TOS and Privacy Statement - shows a generic or your own terms of service and privacy statement.

Each one of these can be turned on or off.  When you turn a supporting menu off, it will not appear in the microsite.

The supporting menus that appear on this list will change based on the microsite layout you select.

Editing Menu Content

Some of the support menus let you edit the content they present when tapped. This will help you create a more personal and customized experience to the customer.

To edit the support menu content, tap the EDIT button beside the support menu.  

Default On Menu Buttons 
Only some of the menu buttons are displayed by default. You need to switch some buttons to on with the toggle. 

Default on are:

Title and Business
Page Numbers
Zoom Tools
Fullscreen (embed only)

Default off are:

Logo (pro account required)
Table of contents (pro account required)
Contact Us
View Count
Terms of Service and Privacy Statement

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