By Scott.Brownlee

updated about 1 year ago

Some layouts place your buttons and menus along the bottom of your microsite (bottom navigation bar or footer). However, you may want to style this footer so that it works well with your layout.  You can style the following elements of your footer content:

background color
button and menu color
font family for buttons
opacity of the background color

Styling your Footer (bottom navigation bar)

To style your footer, do the following:

Go to the DESIGN tab.

Tap the NAVBAR menu.

Find the FOOTER menu and tap the STYLE button.

You'll see a slideout that lets you customize the footer background, button and menu colors, select a font family and set the opacity (transparency).

Transparent Footer 
You can hide the color of the footer completely by dragging the opacity all the way to zero (far left).  The buttons will still appear but the background color will disappear.  This can be a nice effect for your microsite.

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