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Shopify is an incredibly easy platform to set up and sell your products, but suffers from the same problem all destination sites do on the web. How do you get people to find your store in the first place. You've got this beautiful looking online store full of amazing products, but it's like your store is sitting at the end of a long road. Customers just aren't showing up.

You can build dynamic catalogs, flyers, and brochures for your Shopify products on simplebooklet. Instead of waiting around for customers to find your store, use simplebooklet to promote select products from your store across multiple digital channels. You'll be like a door-to-door digital sales person making it possible to close a sale in any channel you promote your new shopify brochure.

You can import as many shopify products as you want into your simplebooklet pages and booklets.

When a customer taps the Add To Cart button, your product is added to your shopify cart. When the customer taps check out, the customer is redirected to your store with the items in their checkout cart. No transactions take place on simplebooklet.

Connecting To Shopify

To connect your Shopify store with your simplebooklet account, you need to first add the simplebooklet app to your account through the Shopify App Marketplace.

Go to the Shopify App Marketplace here.

tap ADD APP for the simplebooklet app.


Search for simplebooklet on the app store


This will return you to simplebooklet (or ask you to login if you aren't already).

You will now have access to all your products in your store in simplebooklet. You only need to do this once. After that, everytime you log into simplebooklet, you will have access to your latest products in your shopify store.

Adding Products To A Simplebooklet Page

Now that your are connected, you need to select a few products from your store that you want to promote. For example, maybe you want to promote some jewelry for graduation celebrations, or some sunglasses for skiers, or a few nutritional supplements for hikers.

To start adding products, do the following:

Open the simplebooklet in the EDIT tab.

Tap the INTEGRATIONS menu.


You'll see all your products listed in the popout window on the left. 

Tap ADD to place a product onto your simplebooklet page. You can add as many products to as many pages as you want.

Formatting Product Layout

When you add a Shopify product to your page, it will be added with the following content:

  • Product image
  • Product title
  • Product price
  • Product description
  • Product options
  • Add to Cart Button
  • Checkout Button

When you resize the product element, it will reformat to look better in landscape or portrait.

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