Page transitions, Spreads, and Trifolds


By Scott.Brownlee

updated about 1 year ago

You can customize how your Simplebooklet microsite transitions between pages. There are a number of different transitions you can apply, and each one will give your customers a different experience with your marketing collateral. You can focus your content presentation on one page, two pages or a trifold design. Here are a few examples:

Page Spread

(shown as a fit to screen page dimensions default size)


(shown as an original dimensions default size)


Configure a Page Transition

To select a page transition, do the following:

Go to the DESIGN tab.

Tap the TRANSITIONS menu.

In the select menu under the PAGE TRANSITIONS.

In the first pulldown menu, select how many pages you want to be the focus of your content. Default is single page card flip but you may want to show a page spread, so that would be double. If you have a trifold brochure, it will automatically select trifold.

After you select the number of pages to display at any time, then you can choose what kind of transition you want. 



You do not need to save the transition. It will be automatically applied when you select the transition and close the modal window. It will reload the page and your new transition will be applied.

Customizing the Page Transition

You can customize some of the transitions.  These include:

Flip Timing - Set the pages to flip automatically at your own interval.
Direction - Set the page to transition Left to Right, Right to Left, or Vertical.

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