Backgrounds For Your Microsite


By Scott.Brownlee

updated about 1 year ago

Presenting your marketing collateral on a microsite can be enhanced with a complimentary background. We've made it possible to change the background of your microsite to something that matches your brand and Simplebooklet content.

Adding A Background

To choose one of our predefined backgrounds or upload your own background, do the following:

Go to the DESIGN tab.

Tap the BACKGROUND menu.

From the tabs in the left-hand toolbar, choose what kind of background you would like to use.

You can choose from the following options for backgrounds:

Solid Color - select from a color palette of solid background colors or select your own color from our color picker.

Patterns - select from our curated list of seamless patterns to appear on your microsite background.

Unsplash Royalty Free Images - select a photo you can apply to your microsite background.

Illustrations - select an illustration or image from our curated list to apply to your microsite background.

Upload Your Own Image - add your own image and use it for the background of your Simplebooklet microsite.

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