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Adding Text To Your Page

This takes place in the EDIT tab under the TEXT menu. When you select this option, you will choose between a number of preformatted text boxes. These text boxes all contain pre-built layouts to make adding custom text to your pages faster.

There are five categories of text boxes, found by clicking on the corresponding tab along the top of the text menu:

  • Paragraphs
  • Headings
  • Lists
  • Columns
  • Quotes


You can add a blank text box onto your page. This allows you to add any content you want on your page and use the text editing tools to style it as you want.

You can also add a pre-formatted text box to your page. This has replaceable text copy in the text box. You simply highlight the text and type in the content you want.


There are a number of headers you can choose from to add to your page.


There are some premade lists you can add to your page. These lists have a number of different formats for the bullets.


These are paragraph text boxes that automatically distribute your text across two or three columns.

We will continue to add more and more preformatted text boxes for you to choose from.

Add Text Blocks

Click and hold then drag any text box onto your page. It will be placed in the location you drop it on your page. This is much more intuitive as it places your text content where you expect it on your page.

Once you've added your text box to the page. You can then double click to start editing the text content.

In Page Editing

There are two ways to start working with your text and text box once it is on your page.

Single Tap

This will activate your text box so you can move it and resize it on your page. You can also use the layering, rotation, and linking tools in the content toolbar on the left. You cannot edit the text with a single tap.

Double Tap

This will activate the text editor. The page will focus on the text and you can update, edit, and use the text editor toolbar to style your text. Tapping anywhere outside the text box will save your edits.

When you want to edit any text on your page, all you need to do is double tap anywhere in the text box. This will isolate the text on the page and insert the cursor into the text.

You can type in new text or highlight and replace existing text.

When you highlight any part of the text, it will open up the text toolbar. This will give you access to a number of style and formatting tools you can use with your text.

Once you are done, click anywhere outside your text box, the save button, or the save disk in the text toolbar. This will save your text to your page.

Converted PDFs, Slides, and Docs may have their text container box fit to the page dimensions. You won't see the container dotted border in this situation. However, if you highlight the text, you will see the text toolbar appear and you can edit the text.

Resizing Text

You can resize the text box on your page to fit your layout.

Grab a corner of your text box from one of the little yellow dots, then drag it in any direction to fit your page. The content will respond to the new size and fit within the confines of your text box.

Font Themes

Tap the text button.
Select the Themes Button at the top.
Select a Theme.

We've added new font themes to Simplebooklet. These themes will change the font family and sizes of all the text in your booklet. It sets a theme for your booklet.

Select a theme from the themes menu. It will automatically apply to your entire booklet.

Themes are not applied to text that you have customized using the text toolbar. For example, if you selected a font family and a text size using the text tool, it will use that formatting and ignore the theme formatting.

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