Clip Art


By Scott.Brownlee

updated about 1 year ago

You can add clipart to your booklet pages.  These are svg images that you can scale to any size and will not degrade as you scale.  

To access the clipart:

Go to the EDIT tab in the Editor tools of your Simplebooklet.
Select the MEDIA then CLIPART menu.
The clipart menu will open and show you a series of tabs containing different images.
Drag and drop a clipart item from the menu to your page.

Once the clipart is on your page, it works very much like the image container.  You can resize the clipart by dragging one of the yellow corners. The clipart will scale to fit within any dimension you increase the container.

Using clipart with other elements 

Some clipart is designed to be used with other content elements such as the text tool. Here is an example of combining a clipart badge with the text tool to make a more engaging badge. 

Using clipart to make buttons

Clipart can be very useful to create your own interactive buttons for your page. Here is an example of using clipart to make a button that when clicked, takes the user back to the first page of your booklet.

Here is another example.

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