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You can narrate each page of your Simplebooklet microsite. Narration can be great to emphasize and elaborate on content where words and images aren't enough. It allows you to inform and provide context to the page that they are currently reading.

Page Narration works in all devices, from mobile to tablet to computer.

You can use page narration to turn your Simplebooklet into an audio book, or use narration to highlight parts of your page, or use narration to provide context and elaboration.

Page narration is restricted to one audio file per page at a maximum of 2 minutes in length.

Narration Example

You can see a booklet using narration in their product brochure above.

If you have any issues with Voice Narration, please see here: 

To add narration to your page, you can do the following:

Open your booklet in the DESIGN tab.

Select the NARRATION menu.

Tap the Record button and record up to 2 minutes of audio using your computer microphone.

Tap the Save button to save your narration and add it to your page. 

Narration Options

Your narration is by default manual play. This means that your reader would need to tap the play button in your microsite navbar to play the narration. This is the recommended setting (by Google as well).  However, you can set the narration to automatically start the moment the page is opened.  Slide the toggle to on and your narration will auto play.

Limitation - even if you have auto play selected, it will not autoplay on the initial page loaded. This is a restriction imposed by Google Chrome as a best practice when loading a new site.  Subsequent narrations will play automatically, just not pages that are the first page loaded in the browser tab.

Editing Narration

You cannot edit a narration once you have added it. You can only delete it or record a new narration to replace it.

Deleting Narration

To delete the narration from your page, open the NARRATION menu and tap the REMOVE PAGE NARRATION button. This will remove any narration that is currently on the page.  

Tips On Using Narration

Choose your page transition before you record your page narration. This will make sure you record narration that is more contextual based on what is being presented on your microsite. For example, if you record all of your narrations in a single page transition, if you then switch to a double page transition, it will only play the odd numbered page narrations.  You will not have even numbered page narrations loaded into the microsite.


Narration will work on your mobile devices.  However, since double page transitions become single transitions on mobile, you will 

Blank Layouts

If you choose the blank layout from the NAVBAR Layout options, the narration menu will not appear. Only auto-play narrations will work.

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