Custom Domain For WIX websites


By Scott.Brownlee

updated about 1 year ago

If you have not already enabled Wix Integration yet, see here: 

You can use a custom domain in WIX for your Simplebooklet microsites.

Configuring WIX

  1. Go to the My Domains page. (if you have more than one domain in your account, select the relevant domain).
  2. Click the Advanced tab.
  3. Click Edit DNS.
  4. Click Add another next to CNAME (Aliases) and enter the record.
  5. For Hostname, you would put in the prefix for your domain (i.e booklet).
  6. For Points To, you would put in
  7. For TTL, you would select 1/2 hour.
  8. Click Save DNS.

The above example would create the following custom domain:

You will need to wait at least half an hour before completing the setup on the Simplebooklet dashboard.

You can create as many custom domains as you want. They are a great way to brand your Simplebooklet microsites with relevant and easy to remember names.

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