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Introduction To Analytics

Analytics Overview


Simplebooklet's analytics provides a visual summarized indication of website data generated by users on your site interacting with your content.

Available on all plans.


Understanding where your audience is coming from, what devices they use, and how they engage with your Simplebooklet microsite will help you improve your engagement with your customers and audience. All of this can be found on the Analytics tab to guide your actions accordingly.


This is a 2 minute video giving you a general Analytics overview.


Simplebooklet provides an analytics page using trackers which can show you the following:


This will provide you a Return On Investment (ROI) that you have achieved with your Simplebooklet. A ROI is a metric used to understand the profitability of an investment, comparing how much you paid on Simplebooket versus to how much you have received to evaluate the efficiency of your current plan.

Reach (Opens) - This value is based on the number of people that opened your booklet online and started to flip through the pages. This is calculated on the number of opens multiplied by what it would have cost to print and distribute this booklet as a print brochure and get it into the hands of your audience. This is based on 30 cents an open.

Search - This value is based on the number of people who clicked on your Simplebooklet after discovering it in a search engine organically. The value is calculated on the number of click thrus multiplied by what you would have paid on adwords to appear and get a CPC in a search result. This is based on the average CPC rate in the US of $1.5.

Social Media - This value is based on the number of people who clicked on your Simplebooklet after discovering it on a social media feed. The value is calculated on the number of click thus multiplied by what you would have paid to promote a post on that social network.

Call To Action - This value is based on the number of actions that readers took to engage with your business. For example, if a customer tapped the phone button or link on your page, that is counted as a call to action. Each type of call to action has an assigned dollar value ($1.29) and is multiplied by the number of that type of action taken.

Lead Gate and Email Forms - This value is based on completed lead gates and completed forms. Any completed lead gate has a value of $3.68 and any completed email forms has a value of $9.12. These are totalled and included in your achieved value for your Simplebooklet (values based on the database marketing institute).

Installs - This value is based on the number of people who have installed your Simplebooklet as an offline native app on their device (phone, tablet, or computer). The value is calculated on the number of installs multiplied by the industry average Cost Per Install ($2.24).

Lifetime Opens

Shows you how many times in total your Simplebooklet has been opened.

Booklet Activity

Analytics and click tracking for your Simplebooklet based on the time frame found in the calendar above.

You can also change the time frame in the calendar above, narrowing your search results if you are looking for something more specific.

Audience Reach

Channels - How your customers got here.

Devices - What devices they used when they got here.

Audience Engagement

Navbar - What navigation buttons customers are tapping.

Contact Us Menu - How customers contact you.

Share Menu - How customers share your Simplebooklet.

Call To Action Buttons - Which call to action buttons get tapped on your page.

Leads - Completed email forms and lead gates.

Publishing Recommendations

Overall Score - The promotion score is a weighted combination of data points measuring the reach, engagement, and visibility of your booklet microsite.

Reach - This takes into account how accessible your booklet is, and gives you suggestions on how much further you can go to get your content in front of your customers. This will provide you insight into how many times your Simplebooklet has been viewed, where customers are arriving from, and what device is used to view your Simplebooklet. It will also grade you with an overall score of your acquisition efforts and make suggestions on how to improve. To read more on the topic, please refer to this article here.

Engagement - It's about how immersed and participatory your readers are. This section also gives suggestions on how you can add more Action into your booklet. This will provide you with insight into how customers are engaging with your Simplebooklet microsite content. You'll learn what menu buttons in your microsite navigation customers are using, what points of contact a customer is using in your contact us menu, where they are sharing your microsite, and what call to action buttons you've added to pages are being tapped. You'll also be provided with an overall engagement score with recommendations on how to increase customer engagement.

Updated on: 18/01/2023

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