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Introduction To Popups

Introduction To Popups


Popups allow you to capture information about your readers. They act as a gate to restrict access your content until the reader provides you with specific information. You can get some information about your reader before they can continue to read your content. On Simplebooklet, you can use our built in lead gates or connect your mailchimp account popup to collect information directly to your mailchimp lists.

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Getting additional information about a potential customer is always useful. Using our popups means you can capture a bit of personal information so you can reach out to them at a later date. We've made it possible to add your popup to any page in your booklet, and also to make it optional, so you can create a confident and trusted request of your customer for their valuable personal information.


Here is a 2 minute video briefly explaining what popups are.


Lead Gate Popup

Data captured using a lead gate popup is displayed in the lead gate menu on the dashboard, in the analytics page for that booklet. This information can be downloaded as a spreadsheet, and also have that collected data emailed to the owner of the booklet.

A reader can flip through the first 2 or 3 pages of your flipbook, and then you can popup a lead gate requesting their email address (or other information) before they can continue to flip through your booklet. A basic lead gate popup can be extremely helpful if you want to gather reusable data from your readers and customers. By acclimating yourself with your customers, you can gain a better sense of who exactly is engaging with your content and how much more appealing you can tailor it for them. To better understand how to implement a lead gate popup, go here.

Mailchimp Popup

By connecting your Mailchimp account with Simplebooklet, you can accumulate all collected data from your customers on Simplebooklet directly to Mailchimp to be repurposed.

If you currently use Mailchimp to manage a customer email list, you can use that same mailchimp popup in your Simplebooklet. Simply connect your simplebooklet account with mailchimp, choose the list you want customers to be added to, and we'll direct all captured data to that specific list.

A cookie and privacy notice is a notification that will appear on the cover page to your booklet informing your customer that you are seeking to ethically collect information from them and this fact must be accepted before they can access your flipbook.

By putting into place cookie and privacy popup on your flipbook, a cookie notification will appear on the cover page to your booklet and must be accepted before your customer can flip through your pages. A cookie and privacy notice is a quick way to inform your customers that you are looking to collect information from them while covering your legal bases. To better understand how to implement a cookie and privacy notice popup, go here.

Updated on: 28/01/2022

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