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Navigation - Page Numbers

Page Numbers


Your page numbers can be implemented in the bottom of your Simplebooklet.

Available on all plans.


Keeping your page numbers orientates your customers and informs them where they are and how much more content they have left to go through. It's a feature unique to converting your content unto a digital platform. However, you can also remove your page numbers to create a more realistic reading experience or to encourage your customers to rely on alternative features like a Table of Contents.

Step-by-Step Guide

Below is a walkthrough showing you how to display the current page and total number of pages in your booklet.

Open your Simplebooklet in the DESIGN tab.

Click the Navigation tab icon in the toolbar on the left.

Toggle on or off the feature Page Numbers.

You've successfully customized how your page numbers appear on your Simplebooklet!

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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