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Page Flip - Page Flip Sound

Page Flip Sound


This help file provides instructions on how to select a desired sound effect from a dropdown menu to accompany the page flip animation.

Available on all plans.


By incorporating sound effects, users can create a more immersive experience for their readers, adding an auditory dimension to the visual transition and enhancing overall user engagement while also providing a unique and personalized touch to their content.

Step-by-Step Guide

Below is a walkthrough showing you how to customize your page flip sounds.

Open your Simplebooklet in the DESIGN tab.

Click Page Flip from the left nav bar.

Under Page Flip, click the pencil icon for Page Flip Sound.

Choose your preferred sound from the select dropdown menu.

Page Flip Sound

When you are finished, click Done.

You've successfully updated your page flip sound!

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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