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Page Flip - Page Flip Transition

Page Flip Transition


This help file explains how to use the page flip feature to customize your transitions, including options for single page, double page, trifold, and gatefold, with the ability to adjust timing and direction for both desktop and mobile.

Available on all plans.


By using this feature, users can enhance their visual experience and make their content more engaging, whether it's for personal or professional use, while also providing greater control and flexibility in selecting their preferred page flip transitions. Depending on how your Simplebooklet is structured, you can choose to reveal each page with a unique page transition.

Step-by-Step Guide

Below is a walkthrough showing you how to customize your page flip transitions.

Open your Simplebooklet in the DESIGN tab.

Click Page Flip from the left nav bar.

Under Page Flip, click the pencil icon for Page Flip Transition.

Choose your page flip transition depending on how your Simplebooklet is structured:
Single Page - Is the default and displays one page at a time.
Double Page - Displays two of your pages in a page spread display.
Trifold Page - Is specifically for trifold or 6 panel brochures.
Gatefold Page - Is specifically for gated or 8 panel brochures.

Flip Transitions

At the bottom of the modal, you can click on the Mobile Flip Transitions to do the same and choose a flip transition.

Mobile Flip Transitions

At the bottom of the modal, you can click on the Flip Setting Options to select the Flip Timing and Direction.
Flip Timing - sets the pages to flip automatically at your own interval.
Direction - sets the page to transition Left to Right, Right to Left, or Vertical.

Flip Timing and Direction

When you are finished, close the modal by clicking the close at top right corner.

You've successfully customized your page flip transitions!

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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