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Publishing Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide To Publishing


The PUBLISH tab gives you the ability to distribute your Simplebooklet across multiple digital channels, including: social media, email, embed code for websites and blogs, qr codes, and video export. You'll also be able to find and update your unique Simplebooklet URL from here, an URL that is customized to your brand. Manage access to your Simplebooklet in the PUBLISH tab using passwords, secure links, and even charging for access to your content.


The PUBLISH tab is all about getting your content out to as many places as possible. Instead of hoping someone will find your content buried on some website or discover your link, you have the tools to make sure it appears in the digital channels that people hang out everyday, from their email inbox to their social media feeds.

Quick Guide

Tap on the quick start guide for publishing to open:

Updated on: 01/12/2021

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