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Account Settings

Account Settings


Once you've signed up to Simplebooketlet, you can view your account to assess information such as your activity, connection to other platforms, and the option to change any existing information on your profile.

Available on all plans.


On your account, you can see your:

Current Plan - The first section of your account details to you which and the current status of the current plan you are on. Below that, it informs you how many booklets you've created, and how many more you can make,
Connected Servers - The next section displays what other platforms you've gotten connected with Simplebooklet.
Account Email - This is the email you've used to sign up for an account on Simplebooklets. You can change this.
Password - This is the password you've assigned to protect your account. You can change this.
Email Notification Settings - And finally in the last section on your account, you can tailor your email notifications. You can do this by toggling off notifications related to topics you are uninterested in, and checking the time rates that are most convenient for you.


Here is a 2 minute video giving you a general walkthrough of how to find and access your account settings.


Below is a walkthrough showing you what you can change or add to your account.

Update Email

You can change the email you've used to sign up for Simplebooklet.

On your dashboard, look to the top right and tap the avatar profile.

Select Account Settings.

Under ACCOUNT EMAIL fill in your new email over your old one.

Enter your passcode beneath your email.

Press SAVE.

You've successfully changed your account email!

Update Password

You can change the password you created to protect your account.

On your dashboard, look to the top right and tap the avatar profile.

Select Account Settings.

Under PASSWORD fill in your current passcode in the space reading: Current Password

Write your new passcode in the middle space reading: New Password

The last space is for you to confirm your new passcode by entering it again. It reads: Confirm New Password

Once you're done, click SAVE.

You've successfully updated your passcode!

Manage Email Notifications

Here you can customize what notifications you'd like to receive from Simplebooklet, and even control the intervals at which the emails are sent.

On your dashboard, look to the top right and tap the avatar profile.

Select Account Settings.

Scroll down to EMAIL NOTIFICATION SETTINGS. You should see a row of options available to be toggled on or off:
Simplebooklet Activity Summary
Sharing Notifications
Email and Form Notifications
Lead Notifications

You can also customize the frequency of when you receive email notifications from SImplebooklet by checking the option you want:

Congratulations! The changes are implemented immediately and saved automatically.

Updated on: 11/02/2022

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