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Page actions is part of the presentation customization tools. You can use page actions to set the style of your page turn buttons, the sound your Simplebooklet makes when pages flip, how your Simplebooklet scales when opened to the reader's screen, and other features you can toggle on and off to improve the display of your Simplebooklet.

Available on all paid plans.


Because every Simplebooklet is unique, the way you want your customers to experience it can be different. You can give it a personal, professional touch with these action options to make it your own.


Here is a 4 minute long video showing you how you can customize the appearance of your turn buttons.

Step-By-Step Guide

Below is a walkthrough showing you how you can customize the appearance of your turn buttons.

Open your Simplebooklet in the DESIGN tab.

Click the Actions button from the toolbar on the left.

You should then be directed to a new tab. At the very top, is where you customize your page turn buttons:
Page Turn Button -
Turn Button Shape - By clicking on the very first dropdown menu beneath Page Turn Button you can select a new page turn button. To the right, you can also change the shape of the container the arrows are housed in.
Turn Button Color & Positioning - Beneath that, you can change the color of your turn buttons and where inside the container they fit.
Turn Button Size & Opacity - Beneath that, you select the size of your turn buttons and the opacity of your buttons as well as the container they're in.

The next section is titled Default Booklet Scale and is where you choose how you would like your Simplebooklet to fit the screen:
Fit to Screen (Scaling) -
Original Dimension (No Scaling) -

The next section is titled Page Turn Sound. This is where you select from the dropdown menu what sound (if you choose to have one at all) will play when you customer flips a page. Selecting an option will play that noise automatically.

Following that are a few more elements you can click to turn off:
Page Shadow - This adds a drop shadow to your Simplebooklet.
Link Highlight - All links on a page will flash once on a page load.
Link Autodetect - Text that appears to be a weblink will automatically be linked.
Lazy Image Load - Speeds up loading by loading image on demand.
Loading Indicator - Displays a loading progress bar while booklet images are being retrieved.
Deferred Page Loading - Speeds up the loading of large booklets by putting off page loading until the page is opened.

Click Done.

You've successfully customized the pages of your Simplebooklet!

Updated on: 28/01/2022

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