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Add A Link Hotspot - Video



A video link hotspot is a clickable area you can put on your page that when your customer clicks on it, will open a video in a fullscreen lightbox over top of your Simplebooklet page.


Videos are a great way to enhance the content on your Simplebooklet page and keep your customer interested in your story.


This is a 3 minute video showing you how to add a video to your Simplebooklet using a link hotspot.


Below is a walkthrough showing you how to add a video to your Simplebooklet using a hotspot.

To add a hotspot, click EDIT and flip to the page of your Simplebooklet you wish to add a video to.

Select Hotspot from the toolbar on the left.

Select Video from the menu.

Enter the URL of the video from your Youtube, Vimeo, or Google Drive video link.

Click Save. Your video link hotspot will appear in the center of your Simplebooklet.

Click and Drag to place the video link hotspot over the area of your page that should trigger the fullscreen video lightbox.

You've successfully added a video link hotspot directly to your Simplebooklet!

Updated on: 02/02/2022

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