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Add A Page From Canva To Your Simplebooklet

Use Canva Templates To Add A Page To Your Simplebooklet


This guide will go through how to successfully add a page from Canva's template library and customize it to your Simplebooklet all from within the SImplebooklet app.

Available on all plans with a Canva account.


Add A Page From Canva To Your Simplebooklet


Step-By-Step Guide

Log into Simplebooklet, and from the dashboard, scroll down to your Simplebooklet, then tap the EDIT button.

Your Simplebooklet will load into the EDIT tab.

Flip to the end to add a page.
Note: If you would like to add a page in front of an existing page, flip to that specific page.

At the bottom of the left panel, Click Pages.

From the Pages modal, click Add New Page.

Select Templates By Canva

Choose your preferred template from the options given.

You can then begin designing your page on Canva inside Simplebooklet.

Once you have completed your work on Canva and are ready to add to your Simplebooket page, look to the top right-hand corner of the screen and click Save to Simplebooklet.

Once completed, you can click PREVIEW at the top right corner.

You've successfully added a new Canva page into your Simplebooklet!

Updated on: 08/02/2023

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