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Converting A Canva Brochure Into A Simplebooklet

Converting a Canva Brochure into a Simplebooklet


This guide will go through how to successfully convert your Canva brochure into a Simplebooklet after you have exported your Canva design into Simplebooklet.

Available on all plans with a Canva account.


This conversion will allow for a seamless transition of your Canva brochure design into a Simplebooklet. There are various options of foldlines to choose from that will best fit with your brochure design to create the optimal layout. With your new Simplebooklet brochure you can easily narrate, edit and share your content more efficiently across platforms by going to the share page on your Simplebooklet. We've teamed up with Canva to create a more streamlined way to work with us both, and the accessibility for you to create better content.

Converting a Canva Brochure into a Simplebooklet.


Step-By-Step Guide

Follow these steps after connecting Canva with Simplebooklet, click here on steps to connect.

Once you've exported your Canva design to Simplebooklet, click View in Simplebooklet.

You should then be directed to the conversion tab. At the top, select from the dropdown menu whether you would like to Make A New Simplebooklet or replace it with another booklet.

Enter in the title a name for your new Simplebooklet.

Select foldlines for your booklet. The default is No Fold:
No Fold - leaves your PDF as it is.
Bifold - splits double page PDFs into single pages.
Trifold - is for PDFs that are brochures with 3 panels each on 2 PDF pages.
Foldgate - are for PDF brochures with 4 panels each on 2 PDF pages.


Once completed, we'll display your booklet in the PREVIEW window and you can flip through the pages.

When you're happy with your content, click BACK TO DASHBOARD to see your newest Simplebooklet.

You've successfully transformed your Canva file into a Simplebooklet!

Updated on: 08/02/2023

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