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Add Shopify Product Buttons To Your Simplebooklet Page

How to connect your Shopify store and products to Simplebooklet


This Shopify Connect tool allows you to easily connect to your Shopify Store and link products directly into your Simplebooklet. You can add a pre-made See in Store button on your Simplebooklet that opens up your product page in Shopify.

Available on all plans with a Shopify account.


By connecting your Shopify store, you are keeping your customer engaged in your Simplebooklet yet giving them the ability to look at the details of your product with our pre-made See in Store button. All your products will be available so you can pick and choose which ones you want to add to your Simplebooklet. This is a great way to use your Simplebooklet to speak more to your product, giving them the professional presentation of additional content, while using our See in Store button to easily guide them to your product in Shopify.

Connecting Shopify to your Simplebooklet will increase engagement by capturing the user’s attention when the product is added to your Simplebooklet. This will also allow users to instantly interact with that product through the See in Store button, making the experience smoother and more efficient.


Here is a 3 minute video showing you how to connect your Shopify store on Simplebooklet.


Below is a walkthrough showing you how to embed your Simplebooklet on Shopify.

Choose a Simplebooklet or create one by uploading a file from the Dashboard.

In the Edit Tab, select Code, then Shopify to connect.
Note: Skip to step 6, if you have already installed the Simplebooklet app in Shopify. You may also need to logout and add app again.

Click Add app to add Simplebooklet and Login to Shopify.

Type your Shopify store name when prompted to Login.

Tap the Install app button at the top right of the Install page.

Click Add to add a See in Store button that links to your product.

You have successfully connected your Shopify store on Simplebooklet!

Updated on: 12/10/2022

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