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Embed A LoudDoc To Your Thinkific Course

How to embed LoudDocs on your Thinkific courses


The LoudDoc app in Thinkific allows you to easily access your LoudDocs and even create new ones without leaving the site. Once you have a LoudDoc you want to share you can go to the Share Tab and copy your embed code to paste into a course as a lesson.

Available on all plans with a Thinkific account.


By choosing to embed your LoudDoc on a Thinkific course, you are keeping your viewers engaged in your course as LoudDocs are 5X more likely to be read from start to finish. If you currently have PDFs, Docs, Presentations or Spreadsheets on your course, you can easily convert them into more engaging LoudDocs in less than one minute. LoudDocs have the ability to be customized by adding audio or video narrations to any page of your choice, accelerating knowledge transfer by using your authentic voice. This is a great way to use your LoudDoc as a lesson to speak more to your course giving viewers the professional presentation of additional content.

Connecting LoudDoc to Thinkific will increase course engagement by capturing the user’s attention when they're going through a lesson. Allow users to instantly interact with the your lessons by flipping through pages and listening to the audio or video narrations, making the overall course experience smoother and more efficient.


Here is a 3 minute video showing you how to install the LoudDoc app and embed on Thinkific.


Below is a walkthrough showing you how to embed your LoudDoc on Thinkific.

Choose a LoudDoc or create one by uploading a file from the Dashboard.

In the Share Tab, select Thinkific Embed, under the Embed On A Web Page section.

Login to your Thinkific account..

In Thinkific, navigate to Courses under Manage Learning Products.

Click Add Lesson and choose Text or Multimedia.
For Text: Click the < > icon under Content in the text editor.
For Multimedia: Choose Use externally hosted content under Content.

Paste your embed code/url and for Text click the < > icon again.

Finally, click Save and Preview page on the top right.

Updated on: 12/12/2022

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