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Animate A Page Element

Animate A Page Element


Page elements such as images, buttons, videos, text blocks, stickers, and forms can be animated.

Available on all plans.


Animating a page element is a fantastic way for you to grab the attention of your customer as they look at your page.


This is a 3 minute video showing you how to animate a page element.


Below is a walkthrough showing you how to animate a page element.

Open your Simplebooklet in the EDIT tab.

Select or create the element on your page (such as an image, button, video, text block, sticker, form) you want to animate.

In the toolbar on the left under Link, tap the Animate button.

Next, craft your page element's animation sequence and events:
when a reader - sets the event that starts your animation. This can be when your customer opens your page, closes your page, hovers on your element, clicks on your element, or when your page opens and closes.
My element will - decides the kind of animation to take place. There are numerous options to choose from, from animations that "shake" your element to animations that reveal your element at the last moment. But you can tap as many as you wish to see how it works before settling on one you like.
And when the animation ends - you then pick what happens to your element once the animation has finished, so whether it disappears, loops or stops or up to you.

You have additional OPTIONS to configure your animation. These include:
Timing Delay - where you can select the amount of time you want your animation to be delayed before occurring onscreen.
Speed - the speed at which your animation takes to complete one full cycle of the animation.

Tap the X button to close your animation settings once you're done.

You've successfully animated your page element!

Updated on: 15/09/2021

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