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Adding a logo into your Brand Kit applies it to every Simplebooklet you have and plan to make.

Available on all plans.


This feature is most beneficial to those who consistently make booklets related to their brand or company. It can be extremely laborious and a waste of time to have to manually upload a logo to every single on of your booklets.


Below is a 2 minute video showing you how to add logos to your Brand Kit.


Here is a walkthrough detailing how you can add logos to your Brand Kit.

On your dashboard, look at the menu at the top left. Click Brand Kit.

On your Brand Kit, go to the folder titled: Logo

You'll have four available placement locations for your logo: NAV BAR, MENUS, BACKGROUND, and BROWSER TAG.
NavBar - This adds a logo in the navigation bar of your Simplebooklets.
Menus - This ensures that your logo will appear on any loading screens, pop-ups and messages to your customers.
Background - This adds a logo to the background top left side of the microsite your Simplebooklets appear on.
Browser Tab - This adds a logo to your browser tabs.

To add a logo, select a tab, then click the Upload Logo box.
You can add a link to your logo by pasting a URL beneath Add A Link To Your Logo. You can also disable the link by clicking the button beside Disable Link underneath Add A Link To Your Logo.

Select and then Open your logo from your computer.

Once your logo is uploaded, it will appear in the corresponding logo tab. It is automatically inputted onto your Brand Kit and applied to every Simplebooklet in your collection.
You can add one or four logos all at once on your Simplebooklet.

You've successfully added a logo to your Brand Kit!

Updated on: 11/02/2022

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