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Introduction To Your Brand Kit

Introduction To Your Brand Kit


Your Brand Kit is a collection of relevant information for you to fill in in order to quickly apply to any future Simplebooklet you create.

Available on all plans.


A Brand Kit can be a very useful shortcut if you or your company are focused on creating content that may be different from one another, but need to be connected and associated with your brand image.

A good example of this is adding a logo or into your Brand Kit. Once you've uploaded your logo into your Brand Kit, the information is now saved, and applicable whenever you need to add it to your Simplebooklet. So the next time you create booklets for the company, you won't need to manually upload your logo into your booklet every single time.


Here is a 2 minute video going through and talking about your brand kit.


Your Brand Kit is sectioned off into each categories own folders. Click through the tabs to navigate them.

A logo in your Brand Kit will be applied to any Simplebooklet you create without you having to manually add a logo each time you make a booklet.

Business Card

The information you fill into your Brand Kit business card will be applied to any business card you add to a Simplebooklet.


You can preset the language settings here.


Here is where you can find any saved customized themes. For more information on themes in your Brand Kit, read here.

Search Engine

Checking this makes your Simplebooklet accessible through internet searches. Check this option on or off depending on how much privacy you would like your content to have.

Inegration: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool for analyzing your content, giving you reaction feedback and every business should consider one. Inputting your Google Analytics ID here sends the information your Simplebooklet gathers to your Google Analytics profile.

Your Google Analytics ID will be applied to all of your Simplebooklets. You can apply different Google Analytics IDs to each individual Simplebooklet from the analytics tab.

Integration: Klaviyo

Klaviyo is another business analysis tool with an Activity Feed to educate your company. Inputting your Klaviyo public API key here will allow you to send events to Klaviyo's Activity Feed from your Simplebooklet.

Updated on: 11/02/2022

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