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Form Template

Form Template


You can use our predesigned form blocks to add a form onto any Simplebooklet page. These form blocks only require you to add the email of the person you want to receive the form results.

Available on all paid plans.


Predesigned forms are a quick and easy solution to add calls to action for your customers. Your form can be easily integrated into your page and drive engagement from your customer.


Here is a 2 minute long video explaining how you can add a form template to your Simplebooklet.

Step-By-Step Guide

Below is a walkthrough explaining how you can add a form template to your Simplebooklet.

Open your Simplebooklet in the EDIT tab.

Click the Forms button from the toolbar on the left.

You'll arrive at a new tab with two options. Click Form Template.

Under Step 1 you can change the email address of where your completed form will be sent from your customers in the blank space provided where your current account email is set.

Under Step 2 are where the templates are found. Scroll to find the one that applies to you.

Once you've found it, click and drag the template onto your Simplebooklet.

Click, hold, and drag to move your form template. Click, hold and drag the corners to resize your form template.

You've successfully added a form on your Simplebooklet!

Updated on: 28/01/2022

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