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Introduction to Engage

Introduction to Engage


The Engage tab is part of the presentation customization tools. You can use Engage to create lead gates or business cards along with various options for navbar engagement.

Available on all paid plans.


Because every Simplebooklet is unique, the way you want your customers to experience it can be different. You can give it a personal, professional touch with these action options to make it your own.

Engage Options

Lead Gate - Collect customer information by gating your Simplebooklet content before letting them proceed.

Business Card - Display an interactive business card.

Message Me - Allow readers to message you.

Custom Button - A button to direct your reader to a link.

Share - Display sharing options for your Simplebooklet.

Download - Allow readers to download your Simplebooklet.

Install - Allow customers to install Simplebooklet as an app.

Collection - Display more Simplebooklets from your account.

Simplebooklet Location - Location that your Simplebooklet appears when collection is set to Map view.

Updated on: 10/05/2023

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