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Page Management - Delete Pages

Page Management


You can delete pages of your Simplebooklet by using our page management tool.

Available on all plans.


Mistakes happen, whether that be through creating new pages by accident, duplicating unwanted pages, or simply deciding that you do not need a particular page for whatever reason. It's important to remember that mistakes are not permanent and you can easily delete pages at any given time. Deleting pages through page management is unique in that you can selectively decide which page or pages you would like to delete all at once.


Here is a 2 minute long video showing you how you can delete your pages.

Step-By-Step Guide

Below is a walkthrough showing you how you can delete your pages.

Open your Simplebooklet in the EDIT tab.

Click the Page Management button from the toolbar on the left.

You should be directed to a new tab with a list of options. Click Delete Pages

You'll be brought to a new window with all of your pages spread out. Click the page or pages you wish to delete.
When a page has been selected to be deleted, a red trash icon will appear over top of them.
You can select as many pages as you want to be deleted.

When you are ready to delete your page(s) tap the button DELETE SELECTED PAGES
If you decide not to delete any pages, click CANCEL to bring you back to your EDIT tab.

You've successfully managed to delete the pages of your Simplebooklet!

Updated on: 09/02/2022

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