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You can access your Preview tab from your dashboard.

Available on all plans.


This allows you to quickly look through your booklets through the perspective of your customers on your dashboard. Instead of having to waste time individually opening your booklets to access the Preview tab, or only seeing your booklets in a window after uploading it, you can press the Preview button to instantly give you an idea of what you booklet looks like.


Here is a 1 minute video showing you how to get to your preview tab when uploading your document.

Step-by-Step Guide

Below is a walkthrough detailing how to get to your preview tab when uploading your document.


Go to your Dashboard.

Locate the flipbook you wish to access the preview tab. Tap the Preview button.

You should then be directed to the Preview Tab.

Click the arrow buttons to navigate your way through your Simplebooklet to review it.

Look to the buttons on the righthand side to quickly edit or add features on your flipbook.

Once you're done, tap BACK TO DASHBOARD or one of the buttons on the righthand side that takes you to EDIT, DESIGN, or SHARE.

Congratulations! You've access the Preview tab of your Simplebooklet on your dashboard!

Updated on: 11/02/2022

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