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Sizing Page Elements

Sizing Page Elements


Page elements such as images, buttons, videos, text blocks, stickers, and forms can be resized.

Available on all plans.


Resizing a page element is an essential tool in formatting certain page elements such as link hotspots, image and text boxes. This lets you format your content to best fit the layout of your page, and make sure your element is grabbing the most attention.


This is a 1 minute video showing you how to adjust the size of your page element.


Below is a walkthrough showing you how to resize a page element.

Open your Simplebooklet in the EDIT tab.

Create or click on a page element on your Simplebooklet such as an image, video, text block, sticker, or form you want to resize.

Once your page element is on your page, tap it once.

You should then see four yellows dots on your page element, one in each corner. Click and drag one of the dots to freely adjust the size and shape of your page element as you see fit.

If you would like to accurately enlarge your Simplebooklet while keeping its original shape, tap your page element once.

Under the Actions toolbar on the left, click the lock icon button sets ratio.

Your page element should then have only one yellow dot on one corner for you to click and drag to enlarge your page element.

You've successfully resized your page element!

Updated on: 20/09/2021

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