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You can add text directly on your Simplebooklet.

Available on all plans.


Using this available tool, it is extremely easy to add and edit words into your flipbook. Text is a vital aspect of communication, and if you have any points or messages you'd like to get across to your customers, words are the most direct method. You can add text to clarify obscure areas, to direct your customers to click a certain spot, or fill in information you may have neglected to communicate.


Here is a 3 minute long video showing you how to add and edit text on your page.

Step-by-Step Guide

Below is a walkthrough showing you how to add and edit text on your page.

Open your booklet in the EDIT tab to the page you want to add a text block.

Click Text from the toolbar on the left.

You should then be directed to a new tab categorized full of different text formats to choose from. Click the icons reading from left to right to see your options:
Bullet Point
Dual Paragraphs
Contact Information

Drag the desired text format from the tab onto your Simplebooklet.

From here, you can begin editing the appearance and content of your text block:
Tap your text block once to select it, then drag to move it across your page.
Drag one of the yellow corners to reshape it and change the text block's dimensions.
You can even animate or stylize your text block using the Action and Style toolbars on both sides of it.

Double tap your text block to open your text editor. Here you can change the wording of your text block, font family, font size, line height, paragraph format, alignment, and more. There are even non-traditional options such as adding a pre-designed contact information form, attaching a hyperlink to a word, and inserting code to create specialized effects.

Once you're done, click the Save icon on the top right.

You've successfully edited and added text to your Simplebooklet!

Updated on: 09/02/2022

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