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You can use your webcam to record a video narration for each page of your Simplebooklet. You can also upload a premade recording to play for your narration. Each page can have a different narration, allowing you to use recordings from multiple people. You can also take your time, making and updating narrations for each page instead of trying to make a single recording from start to finish. You'll have additional options to make the narration auto play on page open and auto turn the page when the narration finishes.

Free plans can record up to 15 second narrations per page. Paid plans can record up to 1 minute per page.
Video recording can only be created using the Google Chrome browser.


Its difficult to capture and hold people's attention when reading a document online. When you narrate your page, people retain an order of magnitude more information via video than text. Your narration engages your reader on a deeper level, meaning more of your message get's retained, while also building a more authentic relationship with your audience.

Step-by-Step Guide

Below is a walkthrough showing you how to narrate a page on your Simplebooklet.

Open your booklet in the NARRATE tab.

Flip to the page where you want to add a video narration.

Select the Video button from the toolbar on the left.

If this is your first time, your browser will ask you to allow Simplebooklet to access your camera and microphone.

You have two options: record your own video narration using your webcam, or upload an existing video from your device.

Narrate Using Your Webcam

Click the START RECORDING button. You'll get a 3 second countdown before recording starts. Take a deep breath and start when the countdown finishes. Once the recording starts, the button will change to RECORDING. The button will also display how much time you have left for your narration.

Once you are done with your narration, tap the RECORDING button. You can use up to the full allotted time and the recording will automatically stop.

You can tap the play button to view your narration in the PREVIEW window. If you would like to redo your narration, tap REPLACE to try again.

If you are happy with your narration, click ADD TO PAGE and it will be automatically placed in the left hand corner of your Simplebooklet on computers and tablets, and in the top left corner on mobile devices

You've successfully used video to narrate your page. You can repeat this for any pages in your Simplebooklet you would like to add narration.

Upload An Existing Recording

Tap UPLOAD VIDEO on the Video Window.

Select an MP4 or MOV file from your device. There is no time limit to a pre-existing recording, but the video file cannot be larger than 10 MB.

You can PREVIEW your uploaded narration in the video player window. If you would like to change videos, tap UPLOAD VIDEO to start the process again. But once you are, tap ADD TO PAGE.

If you are happy with your uploaded video for your narration, tap the ADD TO PAGE button. Your video narration is now found on the lower left hand corner.

Settings and Delete

Optional Settings

Settings are where you customize how and when you would like your narration to play.

Open your booklet in the NARRATE tab.

Flip to the page where your video is located.

Select Settings from the toolbar on the left.

From there you will have the option to:
Autoplay On Page Open - Toggle on this option to automatically play your video when your page opens. The default setting is not to autoplay.
Turn Page On Finish - Toggle on this option to automatically flip to the next page when your narration has finished. The default setting is to stay on the current page.


Use the delete tool to remove any existing narrations on your page.

Open your booklet in the NARRATE tab.

Flip to the page where your video is located.

Select Delete from the toolbar on the left.

Your existing video will appear. Tap the DELETE button.

A confirmation will be required above asking: Are you sure you want to remove narration from this page permanently? You'll need to click CONFIRM.

Your video is now removed from your page.

Configuring Your Webcam

You may need to choose which webcam and microphone you want to use on your device. Tap the Select button just below the record button. Choose from the dropdown menu what camera or microphone you would like Simplebooklet to use for your narration.

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