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Voice Narrating Your Page

Voice Narrating Your Page


You can add voice only narration to each page of your Simplebooklet. This voice narration can be recorded using your device's microphone or by uploading an MP3 or WAV file.

Your voice narration is per page. This makes it easier to narrate pages since you don't need to make a single recording all at once across all your pages. Take your time, and take as many takes as you need to get comfortable. You can re-record your voice narration on each page as many times as you need.

|Tip: Don't try for perfection. The sincerity in your speech as you talk about what's important will be more engaging and authentic to your audience.

You can record up to 2 minutes per page of audio only narration.
We recommend using Google Chrome to record your audio narrations.


Voice narration captures and holds the attention of your customer on your Simplebooklet page. They become more engaged in your content. Its a great way to build trust in your customer relationship, bringing authenticity to your content. Use Voice notation to guide your audience to what's important on your page, giving them context and clarity on the messages you are communicating.

Step-by-Step Guide

Here are the steps to narrating your page using only your voice.

Open your booklet in the NARRATE tab.

Flip to the page where you want add audio narration.

Select Record from the toolbar on the left.

OPTION A: To use your device microphone, select the VOICE tab.

OPTION B: To upload an existing audio file, select the UPLOAD tab.

Voice Narrate Using Your Microphone

Click the red START RECORDING button below the teleprompt window. You'll get a 3 second countdown before the recording starts. Take a deep breath. The button will switch to RECORDING and you can begin. The button will display how much time you have left in your audio narration for this page.

Tap either your spacebar or the RECORDING button when you are finished your audio narration.

Once your audio narration is ready, it will automatically start playing back to you in the preview player.

If you would like to re-record your voice narration, tap REDO and start recording again.

If you are satisfied with your voice narration, tap the SAVE NARRATION button.

Your voice narration will appear at the bottom left of your Simplebooklet page.

You now have the option to view your voice narration on your page or continue to the next page to record again.

Upload An Audio File for Narration

Select Record from the toolbar on the left, then choose the Upload tab.

Tap Select File and choose an MP3 or WAV file from your device. Keep in mind that there is a 10 MB limit for your file size.

When the upload is complete, the audio file will automatically start playing in the audio player.

Tap SAVE NARRATION to add the voice narration player to your page.

Settings and Delete

Selecting A Microphone

You can choose which microphone you use to make your voice recording. You can find it at the bottom of the voice narration window.


Settings let you customize how and when you would like your voice narration to play.

Open your booklet in the NARRATE tab.

Flip to the page where your voice narration is located.

Select Settings from the toolbar on the left.

Choose from the following options:
Autoplay On Page Open - Toggle on this option to automatically play your voice narration when your customer flips to this page. This is on by default.
Turn Page On Finish - Toggle on this option to automatically flip to the next page when your voice narration has completed. By default, your customer must tap the page flip button to switch pages.


Use the delete tool to remove an existing voice narration from your page.

Open your booklet in the NARRATE tab.

Flip to the page where your voice narration is located.

Select Delete from the toolbar on the left.

You should see your voice narration above a button. Tap that DELETE button.

A notification will appear above asking: Are you sure you want to remove narration from this page permanently? and you'll need to click CONFIRM.

Your audio will then be removed from your page.

Updated on: 14/12/2022

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