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What Is A Page Element

What Is A Page Element


Page elements are the building blocks of a Simplebooklet page. Each element can be layered, styled, resized, and animated. Examples of elements on your page are a text block, image, video, sticker, form, code block, and hotspots. The page element is the box that holds your image or text.

Available on all plans.


By breaking content on your page into page elements, you get the ability to bring those elements to life. You can arrange page elements to best present your content, style the element to be more engaging, and use animations on that element to make it capture your customer's attention.


This is a 1 minute video explaining what a page element is:

Selecting An Element

Single Click

You can select any element on your page with a single click. This allows you to style, move and resize the element. It does not affect the content displayed in the element.

Double Click

Double clicking on an element allows you to edit the content inside the element. You'll be able to update any content that is being displayed in the element. For example, if you double tap on a text element, you can edit and format the text.

Moving An Element

You can click and hold to move the element anywhere on your page by dragging anywhere on your page element with the exception of the yellow dot corners. Or use the blue-grey icon of the person moving a box to drag the element anywhere on your page.

Resizing An Element

You can grab the yellow corner dot to resize your element. The content within your page element will stretch or reformat to fill the element depending on the contents within.

Styling Tools

Styling An Element

When you single click an element, you can use the styles toolbar on the right to make it more prominent. Styling tools include:


Changing the COLOR and transparency of your page element.
Adjusting the WIDTH
Adjustng the RADIUS
Adding a SHADOW around your page element.
Adding a drop shadow through adjustment of a horizontal and vertical slider.


Here you can change the COLOR of the background of your page element and its transparency.


Changing the OPACITY of your page element
PADDING is the space between your page element's contents, and its borders. Slide it to add more negative space between the two.


Page Element Actions

When you single click an element, you can use the actions toolbar on the left to add a variety of interesting features that move or direct your customer to another place entirely. Actions include:

Clicking this will allow you to attach a hyperlink to your page element that when clicked on by your customer, will direct them to a URL of your choice.


You can Animate your page element to move it on your page in a variety of ways such as: setting ti to move when having your page opened, having it bounce when your cursor hovers over it, changing the speed, timing delays, and more.

More Features

You can layer up or layer down your page element to make sure it stays on top or hidden beneath other page elements.
You can rotate your page element.
By clicking set ratio you determine exactly how freely you can resize your page element. It can allow you to freely adjust any corner and reshape your page element completely, or maintain its exact shape through changing only the overall size.
The button Sets page repeat makes the same page element repeat on every page of your Simplebooklet.
You can copy and paste page elements.
Every action on your page element can be redone or undone through the clicks of their buttons.
And finally, you can delete any page element.

Updated on: 15/10/2021

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