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A slideshow button is a clickable icon you can place on your page that opens a slideshow over top of your Simplebooklet.

Available on all plans.


Presenting a slideshow to your customer can really hold their interest and get them to engage with your business without crowding up your Simplebooklet with images.


Here is a 2 minute long video showing you how to create a slideshow button:

Step-by-Step Guide

Below is a walkthrough showing you how to attach an slideshow to a link hotspot:

Open your booklet in the EDIT tab to the page you want to add a slideshow button.

Select Buttons from the toolbar on the left.

Select Image.


Select a single presentation slide from your computer.

Click Open.


Repeat steps 4 to 7 until all your slides have been added.
You can drag one of your image slides to change its placement.
You can also delete a slide by clicking the garbage icon on the same image.

Click out of the Image Button tab by clicking the X button on the top right.

Click and drag to move your slideshow button to adjust its placement on your Simplebooklet.

You have added a slideshow button!

Updated on: 02/02/2022

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