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Following From The Perspective of a Reader

How A Reader Follows a Simplebooklet


When a reader follows a Simplebooklet, they are signing up to get updates and follow you as the owner of the Simplebooklet. Think of it when you are on instagram or tiktok and you follow a creator you enjoy. A Simplebooklet reader is now opting in to follow this Simplebooklet owner.

A Simplebooklet owner can also follow Simplebooklet's created by others.

Available on all plans.


There are a lot of benefits for the reader when they follow your Simplebooklet. You'll be able to keep them up to date when you make a change (say new pricing or a sale, change of location, even a correction). You'll also be able to share with them automatically new Simplebooklets you create that are relevant to them.

Folllowing also makes it easy for a reader to quickly refer back to your Simplebooklet as well. All they need to do is use the weblink and they will see your Simplebooklets and any others they follow as well. They can easily bookmark this link for quick referral.


Step-by-Step Guide

Here's a quick guide for the steps a reader would take to follow a Simplebooklet.

Start Following

Open the weblink for the Simplebooklet.

Tap the Follow button on the Simplebooklet navbar.

Enter an email address and create a password (or use Single Sign On with Google or Microsoft).

Alternatively, if you are already signed into Simplebooklet, it will automatically add this Simplebooklet to your following list.

You'll now get confirmation via email of the Simplebooklet you are following with a link to the Simplebooklet and a link to your personalized following page.

Stop Following

Tap the Following button of the current Simplebooklet.

In the popup window, tap the stop following button in the bottom right corner.

You'll no longer be following this Simplebooklet and it will be removed from your following page as well.

Your Following Page

If you follow any Simplebooklet, we create an unique following page. This is a collection of all the Simplebooklet's you follow and can be found at

Go to

Log in using your email and password if you are not already logged in from a previous session.

Your following page will display all of the Simplebooklets you follow. they are organized in sections alphabetically by author name, and the Simplebooklets themselves are organized by latest revision.

Unfollowing A Simplebooklet

Tap the heart icon below any Simplebooklet you no longer want to follow.

the Simplebooklet will be removed from your following page.

Unfollowing An Author

Tap the heart icon to the right of the author's name in their section.

All Simplebooklets and that author will be removed from your following page.

The author will no longer be able to send you Simplebooklets.

Updated on: 16/02/2024

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