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Introduction to Following

Following A Simplebooklet


Following allows your reader to opt-in and receive updates about changes you make in your Simplebooklet. You'll be able to send our a personal message to all of your followers whenever you make an update or change to your Simplebooklet.

In addition, your Simplebooklet will be automatically added to the reader's personal following page, which is a collection of all Simplebooklets they follow.

When a reader chooses to follow your Simplebooklet, they are also choosing to follow your account. This means when you create a new Simplebooklet, you can automatically add existing followers to it. This new Simplebooklet will automatically appear in your reader's personal following page.

As the owner of the Simplebooklet, you can also remove anyone from following your Simplebooklet.

As an account owner, you can follow other Simplebooklets, including your own. You can access any Simplebooklets you follow from the left hand menu on your dashboard under following.

All Plans support following.

PRO and BUSINESS plans can manage followers.


Following is a great way to keep your readers up to date with a Simplebooklet you update frequently. Similar to following someone on instagram or tiktok, you'll be able to share new content with them as you publish, and keep them up to date when you make changes on your existing Simplebooklets.

It's also a terrific way for your reader to keep all the Simplebooklet's you create all in one, custom, personal webpage. So referring back to your latest newsletter, report, or update is all from a simple to remember URL.


Here's a quick overview of how following works for your reader and for you the owner of the Simplebooklet.

A Reader's Follow Page

Each Simplebooklet a follower is following is displayed on their own dedicated following page at the url

The following page displays each booklet they are following under the account owner's name of that Simplebooklet.

A typical reader following page

Setting Up And Managing Followers

You can find more details about setting up and managing followers in this article. This is just a summary of where you can activate and manage your followers.

You can turn on following for your Simplebooklet from the Share page for your Simplebooklet.

Share page following section

This will activate the follow button in your published Simplebooklet.

follow button

When a reader selects to follow, they will provide their email and begin following (if they have already followed previous Simplebooklet's, they will automatically start following).

following menu for a reader

We'll send you, the Simplebooklet owner, an email letting you know you have a new follower. We'll also send a confirmation email to the new follower with a link to your SImplebooklet and their personal follow page.

Whenever the reader goes to your Simplebooklet, and they are following, the follow button will be changed to indicate they are already following this Simplebooklet.

Reader is already following this Simplebooklet

You can see how many people are following your Simplebooklet from your Simplebooklet dashboard.

Follow count on dashboard

Tapping that follower count will take you to the Share page for this booklet, and open the following manage tool.

Manage Followers

Manage followers popup tool

As the Simplebooklet owner, you can see all who follow your Simplebooklet. Tapping the X will remove that person from following your Simplebooklet. It will also remove your Simplebooklet from their following page.

You can contact all your followers from the notify option on the manage followers popup tool. Tap the notify tab, enter in a personal message, and tap send.

notify followers

Every follower of this Simplebooklet will get an email with your personal message, and a link to open up your Simplebooklet. Your Simplebooklet will also move to be the first displayed on the reader's follower page.

Add New Followers

You can add people who follow your other Simplebooklets to this Simplebooklet. From the manage followers popup, tap the ADD tab.

Selecting New Followers

You can pick any existing Simplebooklet and it will display the names of people who currently follow that Simplebooklet. You can then select with the checkmark any follower on that other Simplebooklet to be automatically added as a follower to this current Simplebooklet.

Your Simplebooklet will be automatically added to their page.

Please take a look at our additional help articles on following to get more in depth details on this feature.

Updated on: 16/02/2024

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