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How To Manage Followers On Your Simplebooklet


When a reader opts-in to follow your Simplebooklet, they are also following you, the owner of the content. You can interact with these followers in a few different ways. This help article will show you how to notify all of your Simplebooklet's followers, how to delete a follower from a Simplebooklet, and how to add followers from one Simplebooklet to another.

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Following is a great way to keep in touch with your readers. You'll be able to notify via email all of your followers when you make an update or change to your Simplebooklet. You'll also be able to push new content you create to your readers, so they never miss out on your latest content.


Step-by-Step Guide

Here's a quick guide to managing followers of your Simplebooklet

Where You Can Find Your Followers

If you have activated following on your Simplebooklet, then the moment someone starts following, we'll let you know with an email notification. This will tell you the name of your new follower and which booklet they have started following.

On your Simplebooklet dashboard, if your Simplebooklet has followers, we'll display a follower count for that particular Simplebooklet.

Following Count On Your Dashboard

By tapping on that follower count, we'll open your follow manager in the Share page.

Following Section On Share

By tapping on the gear icon, you can do the following:

See all people who are currently following this Simplebooklet.

Add followers from other Simplebooklets to this Simplebooklet.

Send a notification to all people who are currently following this Simplebooklet.

Current Followers

Anyone who is currently following your Simplebooklet is displayed on this tab.

Current Followers

They are displayed in alphabetical order. The name from their email is used to identify them.

You can tap the ( X ) to remove them from following your Simplebooklet.

There are two ways a follower can appear here:

If they opt-in to follow your Simplebooklet directly from the published Simplebooklet.

If they are already a follower of a different Simplebooklet in your account, you can add them as a follower of this current Simplebooklet.

Adding New Followers

You can add a follower to your current Simplebooklet if they have already opted-in to follow a different Simplebooklet in your account.

Tap the Add Followers tab along the bottom of the popup follower manager tool.

Adding New Followers

Select any existing Simplebooklet to display current followers of that Simplebooklet.

Tap the checkbox beside any people you want to be a follower of your current Simplebooklet.

The Simplebooklet will automatically be added to their following collection at under your name.

Add as many people as you want from your various Simplebooklets.

Notifying Followers

There are a number of good reasons you might want to notify your followers, from letting them know you've updated the content on your Simplebooklet to upcoming announcements. You can send a personalized message to all followers from the notify menu.

Sending A Notification

Tap the notify tab in the following popup.

Type in the message you would like to send all your followers (this will go to every single follower of your Simplebooklet in their email inbox).

tap Send.

Your followers will get an email with a link to open your Simplebooklet and your personal message.


There are some limitations with followers to maintain their privacy.

You cannot view the email of the follower, only their name as associated with their email. This means you can only contact your followers through the follow manage tool in the Share tab.

The followers email is only registered to your Simplebooklet and made accessible to your Simplebooklet account. No other accounts on Simplebooklet can see or access your followers.

Following is opt-in. Only once a follower has opted in to follow you as an author can you begin to communicate with them and provide them additional content.

Be conscientious of sending notifications. Too many messages will tend to cause a follower to stop following your Simplebooklet.

Updated on: 16/02/2024

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