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Introduction - Connect Accounts

Connect Accounts


Any account in Simplebooklet can connect to another account in order to collaborate on a booklet or collection.  PRO accounts or higher can request access to any account's dashboard for collaboration.  Free accounts can only give access from their dashboard to another account. Free accounts cannot collaborate with each other.

Available on all plans, though only through a PRO Plan or higher can you request access to another account.


Though connected accounts, you can work on projects together with your peers remotely. It cuts down on time, gives you better collaborative opportunities, and can allow you to share work without having to leave Simplebooklet.


This is a 2 minute video showing you how to connect your account to another.

Step-By-Step Guide

If you are a PRO Plan or higher, you can request to connect to another account. To do this:

From your dashboard, tap CONNECT ACCOUNTS.

This will open the CONNECT ACCOUNTS menu. In this menu, you'll have options:

Send Request

Using the email of the other Simplebooklet account, you can request access to their dashboard. This will give you access to edit and manage their booklets and collections found on their dashboard. 

Give Access

You can give another Simplebooklet account access to your booklets and collections on your dashboard. You cannot give access to a free account, only PRO accounts and higher. Using the email of the other Simplebooklet account, you will notify them that they can access your content to collaborate with you on it.

Each request requires the other Simplebooklet account to provide approval.  In the area below the request forms, you will see pending and approved Simplebooklet accounts. You can also disconnect an account at anytime and they will no longer have access to your account booklets and collections to edit and manage.

When you send a request to collaborate, the other person will receive an email with instructions on what to do. They will also see on their dashboard a notification icon in the header and in the CONNECT ACCOUNTS menu. 

When they open the CONNECT ACCOUNTS menu, they will see an approved mark beside your account email address. Tapping Approve will grant the access.


Once your accounts are connected, you can access your shared booklets from your dashboard.

At the top right corner of your dashboard, you should see your account email beside your profile picture. Select that to reveal a pulldown menu of whatever account(s) you may be connected to.

Tap the account you wish to access.

You've successfully accessed another person's account!

Updated on: 11/02/2022

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