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Introduction To Navbar

Introduction To Navbar


Navbars are the top and bottom bars on the presentation of your Simplebooklet.

Certain features may not be available for publication or customization without a paid plan.


Ultimately, navbars serve to make navigating and providing context for your Simplebooklet much simpler. Each can be customized to only provide what you want to appear for your reader, and styled to match the color and layout of your Simplebooklet presentation. They are useful in building confidence in the content you are sharing.


Here is a 2 minute video briefly explaining what navbars are.


By clicking Navbar (Navigation & Accessibility), you should be directed to a menu that will allow you to toggle on and edit the navigation bar calls to action and simplebooklet accessibility menus. Below are some of the most common.


Changing the layout of your navbar is changing its appearance. They range from Modern to blank, based on where you want your navigation elements to appear in your presentation.


You can change the language of your navbar buttons to suit the audience of your Simplebooklet.

The header and footer act as the locations for placing various menus and buttons to support your customer in reading and navigating your Simplebooklet. You can style the header and footer, customize which buttons appear, and using the layout option, remove either one.

Navigation menus and buttons

You can toggle on and off any of the navigation buttons you find in the header and footer navbars.

Updated on: 04/02/2022

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